Bird proofing solar panels
Bird proofing solar panels
Bird proofing solar panels
Bird proofing solar panels
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Bird Proofing Solar Panels

JCS Pest Control Nottingham offers a full range of preventative solutions to deter birds from roosting under your solar panels.

Birds under solar panels will create a variety of issues. For instance, blocked gutters from fouling, which can lead to over spilling rain water and to heavy staining. Subsequently, this can create damp and mould inside the property. Furthermore, fouling on paths below increases the risks of slip/trip hazards occurring. Additionally, pest control issues from bird mites may also result.

Whilst providing a bespoke solution, customised mesh will be installed attached to the panel structure. UV resistant clips are used to ensure your warranty is not invalidated as no drilling is required into the panels or tiles.

Prices start from only £495.

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Bird proofing solar panels. JCS Pest Control Nottingham is a family run independent business. We offer a friendly service throughout Nottingham, surrounding towns and boroughs. Nottingham born and bred, we are proud to protect the people from our hometown. Furthermore, no job is too small or large. Moreover, we take pride in providing a first class service to all residential and business customers. As well as removing a range of pests, we also provide an expert advisory service. We aim to provide the most effective pest prevention measures. More importantly, we focus on economical, practical, and environmental considerations. In addition, we are fully qualified to use professional products with full liability insurance.

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